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Tommy Lafayette Balls Out vs Seqouyah

FAST has football players competing every Friday night all over the state of Georgia. Football players are some of the most passionate athletes to work with and we are very proud of our guys. Check out what Tommy was able to do in week 1 at Lambert.

FAST Training athlete Tommy Lafayette balled out on Friday night leading Lambert to a win over Sequoyah. Tommy class of 2025 worked with Coach Chris in the off-season to increase his explosiveness so he can hit the hole faster and working on his overall quickness, strength, and change direction speed. Injuries have hampered Tommy recently but Chris has worked in a specific protocol to with recovery and flexibility to allow Tommy to stay on the field as much as possible. Tommy went for 163 yds and 2 touchdowns on 14 carries and 4 catches.

Coach Chris said "Tommy is an amazing person and athlete. He is very humble, coachable and an incredibly hard worker. His consistency with his training allowed him to go out week 1 and let everyone know that he is the one to be looking at this season. We will continue to work during the season on his body and overall health so that he can go out each week and perform his best. Very excited to have him be a part of our program and the next few years for Tommy will be huge."

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