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After School Sports & Fitness Program Registration

Kids Playing Tug of War

Level Creek

Mon & Wed @ 3:30pm

Playing Basketball

Sugar Hill 

Mon & Wed @ 3:15 pm 

Kids Playing Soccer


Tues & Thurs @ 3:30pm 

Flag Football Player

White Oak 

Tues & Thurs @ 3pm 

Ready for your child to get faster, stronger, and more confident? FAST has trained professional and amateur athletes for over 15 years in Gwinnett County and we are at your school. Your child will play, learn and compete in different traditional and non-traditional sports games each week. Kids will learn how to operate in a team setting and they will learn to build individual skill sets. Speed, agility and running techniques will be taught. This is the #1 after school program at every school FAST is offered. Don't miss out. Register below. 

After school the students will meet in the schools gymnasium where the FAST instructors will be waiting for them. Parents will need to arrange for their chi
ld's pick up when the program ends. 


$65 Per Student - 2 Day Per Week Attendance - 7 Sessions 
$40 Per Student - 1 Day Per Week Attend
ance - 3 Sessions

Unerollment : After your child is signed up, a registration roster is provided to the teaching staff. Your child will be enrolled in the program until you provide a notice of termination via email to and it has been confirmed. All accounts are billed for the entire block of sessions until un-enrolled, no exceptions.






August 28th - September 20th

September 25th - October 23rd

October 25th - November 15th

November 27th - January 8th

January 10th - February 5th

February 7th - March 4th

March 11th - April 8th

April 10th - May 1st

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August 29th - September 19th

September 21st - October 17th

October 24th - November 14th

November 16th - December 14th

January 4th - January 25th

January 30th - February 22nd

February 27th - March 21st

March 26th - April 23rd

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After School Sports and Fitness Registration
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Thanks for Registering! You Will Receive a Welcome Email Prior to your First Day.

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