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Motosports Coaching

Learn From a Professional

Chris has been on two wheels for as long as he can remember. Growing up racing dirt bikes and four wheelers was always a passion for him. No matter if it was a bicycle or a motor bike he always pushed the limits of what was possible and beyond. As he grew older his passion turned from the dirt track to the road racing track. With his natural ability Chris excelled very quickly and in he was able to capture the WERA Superbike National Championship in 3 classes earning the title of Grand Champion. Turing professional shortly after Chris did a series of professional races with Motoamerica piloting the E Cloud Yamaha R1. 

Chris would love to share his knowledge and passion for motorcycles with you and your kids. If you want to learn how to be a more effective rider on the street, race track, motocross track or trails Coach Chris can help you to become more confident and comfortable. Taking over 30 years of experience on two wheels Chris has developed a comprehensive program to help you hone your skills. 

Chris Bettis 


2 Wheel 

Street Riding

Tourning / Sportbikes

Riding on the street is a lot of fun but there is a lot to be learned and learning it the hard way can be painful and costly. We will teach you tons of  maneuvers and techniques that can help you navigate tricky situations. We will help you build balance, and take you throw slow speed drills to help you build skill and confidence on your bike. 

Dirt Bikes / Off Road

Motocross / Trails

Always wanted to learn how to ride trails or on the motocross track? Coach Chris helps riders learn clutch control, cornering techniques, proper braking, how to jump and much more. 

Road Racing 

Race Track 

If you are looking to go FAST on the racetrack then having a coach will pay off big time. Learn how to hit the apex, proper trail braking techniques, body position, race starts and everything in between. 

Race Fitness

Performance Training 

For Your Body

To compete at a high level you have to have the proper equipment but your fitness has to match. Racing on the mx track, trails or on the concrete takes an insane amount of fitness. FAST has a complete program to key on all of the important areas relating to racing. All of the top racers have a performance trainer and if you are serious you will need one too. 

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