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Keys Open Doors

Success Stories: Janessa Brown

The saying "Keys Open Doors" is a fact, but also a great analogy for life. If you want to open the right door you have to have the right key. In this case if you are an athlete you need the right training to level up in order to open the doors you wish to walk through. Those doors can include a spot on the high school varsity team, a coveted spot on the top team of your travel club and one of the ultimate jackpots would be a full scholarship to compete at your dream school. The thing is FAST has done all of those things for hundreds of athletes since its inception in 2010. Over 500 kids have earned D1 and D2 scholarships in just the last 10 years.

We have the formula for sustained success. One of the most shocking stats that we have put out in recent times is the 70% stat. 70% of athletes that train at FAST continuously for 2 years or more make it to the collegiate level. The national average is only 7%. Talk about a big advantage, FAST makes all the difference in the world. As parents we have to have a vision of success for our children, and if they are athletes that vision includes professional training at FAST.

Janessa Brown is one of those kids who came to FAST and really bought into the philosophy and the training regimen. Starting out as young as 3 years old she came to FAST to work with Coach Chris to start building that foundation. Fast forward 10 years and Janessa is now one of the best track athletes in the country. She currently sits at #1 in the country in the long jump, #2 in the 200 meter, and she is consistently in the top 10 for the 100 meter. Janessa is currently competing at the Junior Olympics in Iowa representing FAST. Her dominance in the sport is a mixture of natural ability, good genetics, but most importantly hard work mixed with the right training protocols.

Janessa was asked how FAST impacted her journey and she had this to say. "FAST is like my second home. Coach Chris and the other instructors always push me to my limit and beyond. They make it tough on me but fun at the same time. Their workouts for me were always scaled, so as my abilities grew the program grew by implementing new and more complex movements. I would for sure not be where I am without Coach Chris, FAST and of course my father James Brown. My goal is to run for the University of Georgia and I know FAST can get me there, because I have watched them do it for other kids over and over."


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