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Janessa Brown Wins Gold at the TFCUSA National Championship

Janessa Brown has attended FAST since she was 3 years old. Coming from an athletic family her father James Brown excelled at track and football growing up. James understands that to build an elite athlete the process starts early and never waivers. Janessa has a fun and silly spirit but make no mistake she is an animal when it comes to completing her workouts and training programs. She is a seriously focused athlete and the results speak for themselves.

Janessa recently traveled to Alabama for the TFCUSA National Indoor Track Competition to compete in the long jump, 60 yard dash and the 200 meter event. Missing out on the podium in the 200 meter by a hair she still managed to set a personal best in that event. She then focused her attention on the 60 meter where again she performed exceptional and was able to take home a bronze medal. Knowing Janessa came to the competition with gold on her mind she had one last event remaining... the long jump. The field is packed with great athletes but Janessa laid waste to them all and secured her first ever gold medal at the National Championship level. Her father and coaches at FAST could not be happier for her and they all know this is just the start of a long and prosperous career.

We caught up with Janessa and asked her a few questions.

What do you love about training at FAST?

"I love training at FAST because when I put work in I see the results right away. I also love the atmosphere and positive energy. All of the trainers at FAST want to see me do well and that really shows."

What is your favorite event and why?

"My favorite event is the long jump because it's fun to fly through the air."

What is the next goal you want to achieve?

"My next goal is to get a gold medal at the Junior Olympics this year in North Carolina."

If you can go to any school for track what would that school be?

"I would love to run track at UGA because they have a great program and I want to stay close to my family and also have them come see me compete."

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