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How FAST is Using Water to Improve Athletic Performance

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

FAST has helped develop amateur and professional athletes for over 12 years. Turning out elite athletes is nothing new to FAST as they have produced some of the best talent in Georgia year after year. Just recently FAST had high school athletes commit to The University of Georgia, Ole Miss, Harvard, Yale, Louisville, Kennesaw State, and UMass.

Although FAST has had success helping athletes advance their abilities Coach Chris and his team are always looking for new ways to improve skill, prevent injury, and build elite level confidence. Enter the Tidal Tank!

The Tidal Tank is a revolutionary fitness product, that is designed to maximize the movement of the weight. It is essentially a container filled with water and air, in which the water can move freely. The water inside the tank is creates an unstable capsule that the athlete must try to keep stable. Using this imbalance FAST instructors are seeing a large improvement in core strength, balance and body control, explosive power, and overall fitness levels.

Some of the Tidal Tank drills include different techniques that yield different results. For instance to create power in an athlete FAST focuses on moving against the water. Drills like skiers or power cleans are great examples of this.

To improve body control, to rehab or build stability FAST focuses on balancing the water. In these exercises you are using a high level of focus and concentration. By connecting your mind to your body it activates smaller muscles which are used for stability. Common drills include Bosu ball balancing exercises, and stability pad drills.

Check out some of these athletes using water to improve their athletic performance. Check out to stay current on what's going on at FAST.

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