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GAC's James Canipe Commits to Harvard

James Canipe moved to Atlanta, GA from Rochester, NY. Growing up in New York Lacrosse is a way of life and James has always had a passion to for the game. When he arrived in Atlanta he wanted to find a place where he could learn and grow as a lacrosse player. James linked up with Coach Chris from FAST Training and worked his tail off. Coming in 2 times per week for 2 straight years James built up a tremendous skill set. Check out what Coach Chris and James had to say about the commit to Harvard.

"James came to us entering his 9th grade year and he really wanted to make an impact on his new school as well as make a top tier travel program. He had some big deficiencies in his game when he arrived but through diligence and commitment he turned them all into strengths. One of the biggest assets James possesses is he is very coachable, I am able to give him corrections and info and he is able to process it and apply it. James's off hand was one of the things we worked a lot on and it is now deadly. He has added so many new moves to his bag of tricks its insane. He really worked day in and out on his game and it is paying off for him big time. I could not be happy for James and his family. Can't wait to watch him at the collegiate level." (Coach Chris)

James went on to say this about his commitment and his time at FAST. "The academics and competitive nature of Harvard is what really stood out to me when factoring in my decision on where to commit. I know when I get there I will be surrounded by hard working athletes and students just like me. I also know I am in good hands with Coach Bryne at Harvard. I would like to say thank you to FAST and Coach Chris for believing in me and pouring so much knowledge into my game. Training at FAST was one of the main reasons I could make this dream come true. Starting with Coach Chris my freshman year I have grown so much it is hard to believe I am where I am now. I would recommend any athlete looking to excel to go to FAST." (James Canipe)

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