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Abdow on Fire in Last 2 Tourneys

FAST Athlete Billy Abdow has been on fire in his last two golf tournaments. Billy recently competed in the Junior Jones Cup and the Junior Heritage taking home a 5th and an 8th place. Abdow a 6' 1" Sophomore at Rivers Academy has trained at FAST for over 8 years and in that time he has grown to be one of the top junior golfers in the country.

Known for his big drives and rock solid short game Billy has recently added one more piece to the puzzle.... his mental game. Golf can be a brutal game to play as every decision has dire consequences and handling that pressure can be tough for anyone. Billy really showed some serious maturity in his last two outings netting a 5th at the Junior Heritage and an 8th place at the Junior Jones Cup against some of the best competition in the country.

Chris Bettis owner of FAST and Billy's performance trainer had this to say about Billy. Billy has always been a pleasure to train and coach. He understands that to be the best you have to work on and off the golf course and sometimes for gifted athletes that is a hard lesson to learn.. He is quick to listen and is very coachable and that really allows him to absorb knowledge and build on his game year after year. Watching him grow so much in the past 12 months has been fun to say the least. I know this young man is going to do some big things in the world of golf and I can't wait to see what college program scoops this young man up.

Billy's last tournament took place in Hilton Head, SC and the conditions were less than ideal. We caught up with Billy and he had this to say about is last outing at the Junior Heritage Tournament.

"In the first round I didn't have my best stuff. Conditions were very windy steady at 15 mph and a bit on the chilly side. I had not played a competitive round of golf in 2 months so it took me a few holes to knock the rust off. I started the first hole with a triple and it was a battle from there. I ended up shooting 5 over 77 and sat tied for 22 after day 1. Going into the second round everyone knew the weather was going to be awful. The temp as 45 degrees with a wind-chill of about 35 degrees. The wind was steady at over 20 mph and gusted all the way up to 35 mph and it was raining. Despite the conditions I played really solid all day. Every swing I made required my full focus and awareness. I ended up shooting a 2 over 73 which was the 3rd lowest of the entire day. Hole by hole I worked my way up the leader board and jumped from 22nd to a tie for 5th place. This was some of the hardest conditions I have ever had to play in and it really tested my mental toughness but I am happy to say I managed it very well."

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