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5-Star Recruits Commit to UGA and Ole Miss

Billy Abdow and Aidan Cohl are 2 of the top golf recruits for 2022 and 2023. Both of these athletes have committed themselves fully to obtaining a goal and the day has finally come to celebrate. Aidan Cohl (Rivers Academy) will be attending The University of Mississippi in the Fall of 2023 and Billy Abdow (Rivers Academy) will be attending the University of Georgia in the Fall of 2024.

Billy and Aidan who go by the nicknames Bilbo and Moose have been staples at FAST. Both Billy and Aidan have trained with Coach Bettis since they were 5 years old. Coach Bettis worked with them as the navigated different sports early on before they both finally settled on golf.

Coach Chris said "these two athletes are some of the most focused we have ever had at FAST. Each of these kids came in 1 to 2 times per week to put work in for 11 years straight; talk about consistency. I watched them play soccer, football, baseball before finally sticking to golf exclusively as their passion for the game grew. What is really amazing is how each of them leverage their own skill set to play the game. It is always interesting watching how they approach the game. They both have the same goal but they get to that goal in very different ways. People don't think golfers are athletes but I will tell you the game has totally changed and I can put these 2 up against any other athletes as it relates to speed and strength. We have helped Billy and Aidan both become rock solid with their upper and lower body strength, balance and explosiveness and mental toughness. I can't wait to see what they both can do at the next level. It's going to be fun to watch for sure."

Billy Abdow - UGA

"I have been training at FAST for over 10 years now. Not only has this helped me physically but also mentally. Coach Chris has trained my body and mind to learn the discipline and commitment it takes to perform at the highest level. This has helped me become the #1 golfer in the state in my grad class. FAST is also one of the reasons I am committed to play at my dream school.

I have wanted to play golf at the University of Georgia my entire life. This made the decision to further my academic and athletic career there very easy. UGA is known to have one of the best programs every year and they produce the most PGA Tour players out of any school in the nation. Being close to my family and coaches including Coach Chris was a very big factor. Looking forward to this next chapter in my life and hopefully fulfilling my dream to become a professional golfer."

Aidan Cohl - Ole Miss