Payment Due Dates
$40 Weekly / $60 Bi-Weekly
(4 Sessions vs. 8 Sessions) 

Level Creek Payment Dates:

August 30th - September 27th 
September 29th - November 1st
November 3rd - December 6th
December 8th - January 26th
January 31st - February 28th 
March 7th - March 30th 
April 11th - May 4th 
May 9th - 18th (Half Session / Half Cost)

Roberts Payment Dates:

August 31st - September 28th
September 30th - October 28th 
November 2nd - December 7th 
December 9th - January 20th 
January 27th - February 24th 
March 1st - March 29th 
March 31st - May 3rd 
May 5th - May 17th (Half Session / Half Cost)

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